World of Warcraft starts awarding Revival Catalysts after January 24


So you want to get tier pieces for your main character in World of Warcraft. That’s a good priority and goal. We commend you. But you have a problem: Your luck is terrible and you lose every tier roll. Luckily, the Revival Catalyst arrives next week so that players can start getting existing pieces upgraded into tier pieces so you can still get all of the vital tier set bonuses.

Eligible items are earned through a variety of sources, from world bosses to Vault of the Incarnates to the Great Vault gear options, while crafted and Renown-based items are not eligible for the unlock. Yes, you can unlock tier appearances this way as well. You can earn one charge from game activities every single week, so make sure to keep up with regular activities in order to get those charges and pick up every tier piece you can along the way.

Meanwhile, WoW Classic gets a whole trailer for the Secrets of Ulduar update. That’s not relevant to the Revival Catalyst; it’s just a trailer you can watch just below.

Source: Official Site, YouTube
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