Dungeons and Dragons Online tests two brand-new archetypes for the Druid and Ranger


A pair of brand-new class archetypes made their way onto the Dungeons and Dragons Online test server this week, giving players a preview of a couple interesting possibilities for even more complex character building.

With Update 58, Standing Stone Games is adding the Blightcaster and Dark Hunter. The Blightcaster is a variant of the Druid class, while the Dark Hunter builds off the Ranger class. These will become the fifth and sixth archetypes for the MMO.

This first preview tests contains several other adjustments and bug fixes, such as making Spirit Blades faster and more lethal, improving the level up screen, and tweaking some of the Warlock’s skills and stats.

Also, game-crashing dinos were brought under control: “Fixed some sound effects for Raptors and other Isle of Dread creatures that had bitrates that were much higher than normal, in the hopes that it may fix an issue where the game client crashes in Isle of Dread for some players when sound effects are enabled. If this bug had been affecting you in the past, please try playing Isle of Dread with sound effects on and let us know whether this helps.”

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