Osiris New Dawn formally departs early access for launch, having sold 600K copies


If you blinked, you missed it: Multiplayer survival sandbox Osiris New Dawn quietly moved from early access to launch this week. It wasn’t a complete shock, as studio Fenix Fire Entertainment said back in September 2022 that it was just a few major updates from saying farewell to early access, but the announcement on Wednesday was nevertheless low-key.

“It is with great excitement I get to announce that Osiris: New Dawn is finally out of Early Access,” writes CEO Brian McRae, who tells players the game sold 600K copies over the course of its six-year development.

“I am incredibly proud of what Fenix Fire has achieved, success of this size for a studio this small, is incredibly rare and one that we should celebrate more often. Now that Osiris is finally wrapped we can rest and begin looking to the future. With a full slate of game ideas, concepts and early WIP’s, I am excited to explore unique gameplay experiences and bring them to fruition. This will take time to do things right, but when we have more to share we will.”

The game is currently on sale for around $21 US on Steam. Readers might remember that we covered Osiris in our survival game column extensively in its early years, but it suffered a lapse in comms and updates and then layoffs in 2018 – the type of setback most early access games don’t recover from. However, this team did just that, with multiple hefty launches in the last couple of years. Fenix Fire hasn’t released a launch trailer to its YouTube as I type this, but last year it posted several for those larger updates.

Source: Steam
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