Remember Remnant From the Ashes? It’s back and coming to the Nintendo Switch


It’s been a few years since we talked about co-op multiplayer shooter Remnant From the Ashes, and there’s a good reason for that: Perfect World and Gunfire Games launched the game’s final DLC in 2020, along with a “complete edition,” while saying they were pleased with the game’s reception and contemplating a sequel.

Well, much has changed since then, starting with the fact that Perfect World was gobbled up by Embracer and Gearbox, which also owns THQ Nordic, which owns Gunfire Games, so now THQ Nordic’s imprint is all over the game, not PWE’s, though the dev is the same. Look, it’s one big happy family now.

But also, the game is back in the news because it’s on its way to a Nintendo Switch port. Do we know when? We do not! Both the new trailer and the press release are devoid of real details, save that it’s “coming soon” and “in the near future.”

MOP’s own Chris Neal was positively smitten with the game during his playthrough back in 2020, saying that he had so much fun that his only regret was not playing it sooner and catching the wave of fan-fervor for the title when it was at its peak. If you’re in the same boat, you can catch another wave on the Switch.

Source: Press release
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