Digital CCG Eternal launches new Behemoths of Thera card set


This week saw the release of Eternal Card Game‘s latest card set, Behemoths of Thera. Set in a world ruled by gigantic beasts, Behemoths of Thera adds over 200 new cards to the digital card game, as well as two new keywords.

Units with the Hunt keyword cause the enemy player to discard cards from their deck; for each power card discarded, the unit’s controller gains a card that can be used to boost their own power, and for each non-power card discarded, the Hunting unit gets a stat buff. Meanwhile the Versatile keyword on weapons allows them to be played on units as standard weapons, or on your avatar as a relic weapon.

As with past sets, Behemoths of Thera packs can be earned through a wealth of in-game activities or bought with cash. You can also get three free packs just for logging in.

Our own Not So Massively column recently took a look at Eternal, finding it to be something of a hidden gem.

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