The Daily Grind: What do you think LOTRO’s new class will be?


Last night, Standing Stone Games dropped a huge 2023 roadmap for Lord of the Rings Online, and buried at the very end was the first real tease for the end-of-the-year expansion. In fact, there’s quite a bit on deck for that same quarter, including a new class, which is practically hiding on the graphic to the point that some of us even missed it!

But now we’re wondering what the class will actually be. LOTRO already has 11 classes, the majority of them melee-centric, owing to the limiting nature of the IP’s lore framework and SSG’s mandate to stick to it, so don’t be expecting nanobot magicians or psychic monks or what have you.

MOP commenter Tobasco speculated that it might be something like a swashbuckler, maybe similar to the Champion and Burglar but with more of a corsair flair suiting the actual expansion destination. Not only do I suspect he’s right, I love the idea; swashbucklers in other MMOs (like EverQuest II) are always fun to play. I also would be interested in some sort of non-magic alchemist/healer or even a low-tech engineer, though that isn’t particularly thematic this year.

What do you think LOTRO’s new class will be?

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