Elder Scrolls Online’s latest Season of the Dragon event invites players back to Elsweyr


While players of Elder Scrolls Online already returned to Elsweyr for dragon slaying in a unique charity event back in 2019, the MMORPG’s newest event is encouraging players to come back to the zone for an entirely different reason: oodles of free goodies.

From Thursday, January 26th, to Tuesday, February 7th, players can get event-specific reward boxes for completing daily quests, dungeons, and trials located in northern and southern Elsweyr. Naturally this will require players to have either the Elsweyr, Dragonhold, Wrathstone, or Scalebreaker DLCs in their possession to take part.

As for the rewards awaiting inside those boxes, those include guaranteed salable treasures and overland set items along with a chance at crafting items and boost items. There’s also the usual Impresario ticket items to chase after, including the morphable new Passion Dancer Blossom pet. For those with the right DLCs or subscription, there’s a land of cats to return to.

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