Lord of the Rings Online executive producer talks River Hobbits, a new launcher, and even boats


If you thought you got all of the big 2023 plans for Lord of the Rings Online from the recent roadmap, think again. In a question-and-answer livestream, Executive Producer Rob Ciccolini let slip several other initiatives coming to the Middle-earth MMORPG this year or next.

In the stream, Ciccolini said that the much-requested River Hobbits may come this year if they don’t get bumped for other projects. Also on tap for 2023 is the landscape difficulty slider for regular servers, a two-factor authentication launcher, and more avatar options for the race of Man and perhaps others.

Moving on to other possibilities, Ciccolini said that the team is considering adding boats or even player houseboats to the title in the future, although that’s not a sure thing at this point. A new and improved forum is in the works, although the studio is more hesitant to take the steps into an official Discord server due to the moderation involved.

As for the omnipresent topic of lag, the executive producer said that constant work is being done to address it and that the engineers have a fix that looks promising.

Source: YouTube
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