Star Wars The Old Republic’s 64-bit client test tries to contend with stubborn crashing problems

Sometimes you even get some cool stuff!

It would appear that the public test for Star Wars: The Old Republic’s new 64-bit client is going exactly as it’s intended. In that players are finding plenty of problems with the client. Which is precisely what testing is meant to do!

Many problems reported by players over the tests’s last month include graphical weirdness, some lag spikes, and a lot of crashing. The devs have spent most of January trying to nail down crashing problems, deploying a PTS patch at the start of the month and a second patch to address the stubborn bugbear over the past weekend.

Regrettably, early replies to the latest PTS patch suggest that the problem is still around for some. Even so, there are other posts from players who are noticing an appreciable difference in performance and load times, so while testing clearly still has a few wrinkles to iron out, it would appear that the iron is well and truly being used.

source: official forums (1, 2)
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