New World prepares for yet another round of server merges today as population declines

Fight this dude.

Happy merge day, New World fans! OK, so maybe the thrill has worn off a bit, given how many merge days New World has had, and at this point, everyone’s a transplant, but nobody wants to be stuck on a dead server, so unfortunately it’s for the best. SteamCharts shows the game’s average playerbase back down to what it was in October, which is admittedly three times its low point last summer but still half of its modern peak average back in November. That’s presumably why Amazon opted for a second set of merges just in January alone.

Eight servers are affected this round: Tartarus into Nysa in Central EU, Avalon into Lilith in US East, and Yggdrasil into El Dorado and Yonas into Isabella in US West. Servers go down at noon EST today and should be back up by 2:30 p.m. EST.

Amazon put out a rather solid roadmap for New World at the end of 2022; history with this game shows that the sooner the content machine starts cranking up again, the better its population fares.

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