Fallout 76 declares war on illegal weapon mods with today’s update


There’s a reckoning taking place over in Fallout 76 today, a reckoning that perhaps is long overdue. Bethesda is rolling out a patch to finally nix any illegal weapon mods that players are using to cheat their way through the post-apocalyptic RPG.

“For a great majority of our player base, you will not notice any changes to your weapons,” Bethesda said. “This system will detect weapon mod attachments placed on weapons that they don’t naturally belong to and cannot be obtained through gameplay. In addition to this, weapons with mods that we have removed from the drop pool previously in balance adjustments will also be impacted.”

The patch also includes some normal tweaks to weapons such as assault rifles, explosive bullets, and radium rifles.

Fallout 76 is running a Treasure Hunter event this weekend as well as a streak of double mutation daily ops.

Source: Fallout 76
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