Final Fantasy XIV adds its newest Ultimate fight today with the Omega Protocol

Here we are, in the classic.

Now that we have a clearer picture about the cosmology and details of the struggles that Omega left in its wake, it’s totally understandable for players to kind of want another try at the fight with Omega that at least ostensibly wrapped up back during Stormblood. Fortunately, Final Fantasy XIV is happy to deliver just that in the form of its newest Ultimate fight, the Omega Protocol, pitting a team of eight players against Omega’s tests and machinations with the difficulty turned up until the knob outright breaks off.

Obviously, this challenge is meant only for those who want to struggle with clearing it for a while, as the game’s Ultimate content is always meant to be at the high end of skill-testing challenges. If that’s not your scene, the patch only has a couple of minor bug fixes contained therein; you’ll have to wait a little longer for substantive new content to be added, although given that the last major patch was just two weeks back you’re probably not all that broken up over it.

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