Star Trek Online launches Refractions update, season, and anniversary events on PC today


Cryptic and Gearbox are unleashing Star Trek Online’s next big thing just in time for the game’s 13th birthday: Refractions. PC players will see the update and the new season roll out today, while console players will be waiting for their turn “at a later date.”

“The new season of Star Trek Online features Terran versions of legacy Star Trek characters with voice talent from the original actors reprising their iconic roles,” Cryptic says. “Wil Wheaton returns as Terran Emperor Wesley Crusher, along with Gates McFadden as Terran Dr. Beverly Crusher, and Chase Masterson as Terran Admiral Leeta. […] Players will experience the conclusion of the Terran Gambit arc where we find Terran Emperor Wesley Crusher has merged with The Other, and now wields its terrifying power. The Federation must find a way to put a stop to the emperor’s reign of terror as he makes a course to Earth, digitizing everything in his path.”

When you’re not rescuing Earth from Wil Wheaton, you’ll be busting his mom outta prison to help in the new five-person ground TFO dubbed Bird Cage, enjoying the Jupiter Station and Khonshu Khaibit ground patrols, and taking part in the 13th anny event through February 23rd. Through that event, “players can earn a new Tier 6 ship, the V’ger themed Compiler Science Dreadnought, collect Omega Fragments and craft highly desirable Omega Tech upgrades from Q and his much-anticipated Omega Molecule Stabilization Game.”

Happy birthday month, STO!

Source: Press release
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