Wakfu looks back at 2022 while planning its improvements for 2023

This thing is weird.

If you’ve somehow missed it over the past decade of its operation, Wakfu is a bit of an odd game. We do not mean that as a pejorative, it’s just odd. Of course, keeping it odd and charming over a decade is no small feat, and the latest dispatch from the development team acknowledges exactly that while looking ahead to how the team hopes to improve over the course of 2023. And there’s a lot on the game’s plate this year, too.

Developers are planning on class balance tweaks starting with the Cra and Huppermage classes to ensure balance and playability. The team also wants to improve introductory materials including tutorials to make learning to play the game easier, so that’s on deck for the near future. There’s also a new expansion and a new single-character server planned for this year, both of which should provide some new excitement to players. While there’s a great deal of work to be done on the game, it seems clear the developers have a big set of goals for 2023.

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