Blue Protocol once again delays its upcoming Japanese network test to sometime in late March


For those who were looking forward to Blue Protocol making its next step forward in Japan (and by extension moving closer to its late 2023 release in the west), we have some bad news to report: The devs at Bandai Namco have announced that the test is being delayed yet again, this time to sometime in the tail end of March.

According to the announcement post (when run through Google Translate), the unspecified bug that was the reason for the first test delay is forcing this new test date; the devs have confirmed the cause of the bug and how to address it, but performing this fix and running subsequent tests will take up most of mid-March.

Bandai Namco put together a quick livestream to further explain the delay to fans as well as make a couple of announcements, including plans to release a PC benchmark tool for the game and broadcast a livestream detailing new features in February.

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