Dungeons and Dragons Online sleds into the Snowpeaks Festival today


Slither into your snowsuit and grab your frostiest of D20s because Dungeons and Dragons Online is embracing the wintry atmosphere with the return of the Snowpeaks Festival today. The annual event challenges players to find and defeat special champions for currency — and a special key that can unlock an otherwise inaccessible realm.

Indeed, the centerpiece attraction of this event is a slippery obstacle course: “While on the Snowpeaks, you will have your wits, reflexes, and ability to stay cool under pressure tested with a challenge to collect Coins as you slide, jump, and twist! Running a Snowpeaks challenge rewards you with a large number of Snowpeaks Coins. Anyone can run a challenge as long as they have a frozen key!”

New rewards for this year include a variety of filigrees to improve charisma, dexterity, cold spellpower, and more. Today’s Update 57.2 also nerfed monsters’ greater shout ability and took away Stormrage’s friendly fire fallout.

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