PSO2 New Genesis adds new combat sector, new boss, and updated Geometric Labyrinth in newest patch


The rest of the January patch content for Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis has now come online, opening up new content instances, some new side story, and a whole bunch of quality-of-life updates for character customization.

In terms of playable content, this portion of the January update brings on the Neusen Plant combat sector, a fight against a new boss known as the Quartz Skodin, a new mini-episode, new trigger quest variants of certain Stia urgent quests, and updates to the Trinitas: Geometric Labyrinth intended to make it easier to play.

As for system updates, those include the ability to enhance seven and eight-star rarity equipment past level 60, easier to find gathering items in the Aelio region, and a scad of customization tweaks that let players coordinate accessories, preview emotes, and change their character’s movements and poses on the fly, among other things.

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