V Rising celebrates 3M sales since early access as players await its delayed content update


Vampire survival MMO V Rising is apparently still gathering all the monies and sales: Stunlock Studios just sent ’round the announcement that it’s now sold three million copies since hitting early access last May (500K of which manifested in the first three days).

“We’re delighted by the community’s response to V Rising and we are working hard to give back as much as possible,” Stunlock CEO Rickard Frisegård writes. “Their feedback and engagement has been invaluable, providing us with everything we need to continue improving and making sure we deliver on the expectations for our upcoming expansion of the game. We can’t wait for everyone to experience V Rising in all its glory.”

Don’t get too excited, as there’s nothing else to the press release beyond press quotes, game description, and the old early access trailer. Readers will recall that V Rising’s first major content patch was delayed from fall into 2023; it’s meant to include everything from multiple floors for castles and spell school rework to a map expansion and new jewels system.

In spite of our own early access previewers’ concerns about the state and longevity of the game, V Rising tied to win MOP’s Not-So-Massively game of the year, taking both the writers’ and readers’ vote. It’s currently averaging just under 4000 concurrent players on Steam, down from 92,000 average concurrent at the early access launch.

Source: Press release
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