Guild Wars 2 will allow jade bots to be piloted outside of Cantha next week


Have you unlocked the mastery track for the jade bot in Guild Wars 2 but were a little sad that the tiny green friend could only be deployed in the Cantha region? Then you’ll be excited to learn that restriction eases in an update on January 31st when these drones will be deployable all over Tyria.

That’s right, next week’s update will let players pilot their jade bot in other zones thanks to the addition of jade bot terminals at Lion’s Arch and all five of the game’s racial capitals. It’s not clear just what mechanics will be available outside of End of Dragons-specific matters – many players are assuming it could be used for screenshots – but we can at least confirm that players are going to see a bunch of robo-friends around Tyria’s cities soon, for whatever purpose they’ll ultimately serve.

source: Twitter
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