Lord of the Rings Online devs talk about upcoming Captain, Warden, and PvMP changes


With big changes on the way for two of Lord of the Rings Online’s longtime classes, the MMO’s studio is not resting on mere developer diaries┬áto prepare affected players. Standing Stone Games also jumped onto a livestream this past Friday to discuss the adjustments coming to the Captain and Warden as well as work being done on PvMP.

The devs spoke to the strengths of each class, focusing on how Captains are meant to be great at support no matter what the build and how Wardens will double-down on their melee focus (without losing their ranged option if gamers like that playstyle). It’s a whole lot of chatter about specific tweaks to various skills, such as the Captain getting a new threat conversion ability and the Warden recovery cooldowns will be significantly reduced in duration.

The studio declined to comment on whether or not this fall’s new class is for the PvMP mode, which is either concerning or intriguing based on what you like to do in the game.

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