Aliens Fireteam Elite makes its Cistern map a permanent feature and opens reward pools to all modes


Last time we heard word from Aliens: Fireteam Elite, it released a new vertical map called Cistern complete with holiday-themed rewards for players to collect. As of the co-op shooter’s latest update, those rewards have dried up, but the Cistern map remains available, with a new pool of permanent rewards like new weapon colors, emotes, and a decal.

The other major feature of this update is an expansion of reward pools, making non-cosmetic goodies like perks and attachments that were previously only available in specific game modes available to earn in every game mode. Cosmetic rewards are still mode specific, but those have seen updates too, like new cosmetic items for Horde and Restock Turrets and lower difficulty rewards now available at higher difficulties in Point Defense. Hardcore versions of Point Defense and Horde have also seen more ways to earn certain perks and attachments.

The patch further applies a long list of weapon and attachment changes, updates various gameplay features, and crunches a list of bug fixes across the whole game (pun semi-intended). The patch notes offer up more details.

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