Astroneer’s Awakening update introduces a mysterious new mission chain and UI improvements


What awaits in the center of the solar system in Astroneer? Science would tell you it’s a sun, but a newly added mission chain that makes up the survivalbox’s Awakening update hints at something more.

The patch notes have redactions about what precisely these missions will involve, but they do note prerequisite missions that have to be completed and the reward of a fault finder item that collects some kind of new material, which can then be traded at the Trade Platform for “the acquisition of extremely valuable or enjoyable items.”

In addition to this new series of missions, the update has applied several UI and UX improvements that improve the printer control panel, tweak travel notifications, add camera stabilization during space flight, and bring new items to creative mode’s catalog. Finally, the game will mark its fourth anniversary by handing out free cosmetics to players who log in during the month of February.

source: Reddit
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