EVE Online casts a spotlight on the Uprising update’s sound design and musical score


Are you an EVE Online player who has been enjoying the ear candy introduced by the Uprising update? Would you like to learn more? Then you’ll probably delight in a recent dev blog post that calls attention to the latest soundscape updates made to the internet spaceship sandbox, which highlights new sound effects and several new pieces of music that were added to make life in New Eden “more immersive, convincing, and richly detailed.”

Meanwhile, the newest episode of The Pulse video newsletter once more condenses recent releases like Simplified Chinese support on Tranquility, empire HQs, visual updates to the Rifter frigate, and the Lunar New Year event. The video also talks up community events like an the in-person summit of the game’s CSM members starting January 30th (today) and an EVE London player meet-up on February 11th.

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