Warframe blasts off next month to Star Days and the new Citrine frame


While many other online RPGs are slowly revving up for releases later this spring or summer, Warframe is all about delivering the goods as soon as next month. In fact, the scifi actioner is introducing its 52nd warframe next month with Citrine alongside the return of its Valentine’s Day event.

“Travel to Mars and take on Mirror Defense missions to reunite star-crossed lovers of the Old War,” said Digital Extremes in a press release. “Entrapped in crystals, players must bring together these fated lovers to earn Citrine’s blueprints and components for crafting or instantly unlock her devastating embrace from the in-game market. Citrine will feature a healthy arsenal of signature weapons, accessories, and abilities when she launches, including Corufell, a new Scythe that can deliver a charged blast to enemies at range.”

February 1st marks the return of Star Days, the affectionate holiday event where players can find tokens, glyphs, valentines, and something suspicious called “Ticker Floof.” And the festivals keep on coming after that, as Warframe’s 10th anniversary event is scheduled to kick off in March.

Digital Extremes said that it’s continuing to work on some major projects for 2023, such as cross-platform saves, account linking, trading, and the mobile version on iOS.

Source: Press release
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