Elite Dangerous brings clearer Thargoid War UI, system reset tweaks, and new frontline content today


A fresh new patch for Update 14 launches today in Elite: Dangerous, and by all accounts it’s bringing some features that players have been looking forward to, especially as it relates to the ongoing Thargoid War that’s ravaging occupied space.

One of the major war-related quality-of-life features is an update to the Thargoid War portion of the galaxy map, which will now list the top five systems in terms of progress state where commanders can help out the war effort. Speaking of helping the war effort, certain salvage items can be turned in to battle back the Thargoids, and new anti-xeno conflict zones and Thargoid unidentified signal sources will appear in frontline TG-controlled systems.

Lastly, the weekly system resets for locations recovering from Thargoid attack will see several updates: Rebooting settlements in Odyssey will speed up recovery, repairing all markets will result in a system completing recovery in a week’s time, and system progress bars will more accurately show when no further help is needed.

In other E:D news, the fan-operated Lave Radio podcast is about to head into its tenth year of operation. The cast debuted on February 22nd, 2013, and is the biggest Elite podcast, condensing weekly news and updates as well as interviews with Frontier devs.

sources: official site, official forums, Lave Radio site (1, 2), cheers Phoenix_Dfire!
It’s live now:

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