Marvel Snap gets even more multiplayer with today’s battle mode


It’s been one of the most requested features of Ben Brode’s Marvel Snap: A one-on-one battle mode to duke it out between friends. And with the January 31st update, this mode is finally here.

Studio Second Dinner explained the new non-ranked mode as a way for players to engage in an “ultra-competitive way to play against friends.”

Unlike the typical one-and-done format, battle mode challenges two players to fight over multiple rounds with the same deck. Each player starts with 10 points of health (which replaces the cubes), and the first player to have their health completely depleted loses. The studio expects that a full battle will take about 20 minutes thanks to “high stakes” rounds that occur a few games in.

“Further, each player’s deck is locked for the duration of the battle. This means you’ll quickly learn what cards are in their deck, and your opponent might be aware of what sneaky tricks you’re hiding. Keeping track of what cards in your deck haven’t been seen by your opponent can make all the difference in whether you can squeeze out an extra snap,” the studio explained.

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