Black Desert merges silver storage on console, adds individual war rewards for PC, tweaks Bell of Aal on mobile


This week has once more seen all three variants of Black Desert get their own individual updates, which means another three paragraphs of condensed information. It’s like condensed milk, but for your eyes, and (hopefully) just as sweet. Warning: Do not put condensed milk into your eyeballs.

We’ll begin with the console version’s patch, which merges silver storage for all characters on an account into a central “My Silver” UI. The patch also makes another round of class balance adjustments, opens the Thornwood Forest monster zone in Marni’s Realm, and revamps guild point payouts.

Over on the PC version, Pearl Abyss is now handing out individual rewards for Node and Conquest Wars, which are accessible through a Participation Reward button after a war resolves. Other major pieces of the patch are a large number of adjustments to the Maegu class and a couple of UI-related quality-of-life features.

Finally, the mobile version is trying to stop player crowding from limiting rewards when using the Bell of Aal in the Great Desert zone by making its benefits only affect guild members. There’s also an automatic enhancement system for Rift Stone, a way for players to get all of their Boss Rush rewards at once, and several bug fixes.

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