Frozen Flame adds new Dragon’s Grove islands, a golem boss, and spears to poke it with


Are you a fan of long pointy sticks? Then your weapon of choice is now available in the multiplayer survival RPG Frozen Flame as the newest content patch has introduced spears to the player arsenal. This new weapon type excels at medium range in order to keep foes away, but should an enemy decide to flee or go too far, a spear can be thrown. These new weapons come in three material types and blueprints for them can be purchased from Bonehead and Blacksmith.

Of course, players are going to want to poke things with their shiny new pokey sticks, which is where the rest of the patch’s content comes in, with five new islands added to Dragon’s Grove and a new golem boss to fight that’s tied to the Dragon’s Grove story finale. Other updates include new combat potions that protect against poison, fire, and cold, along with a host of gameplay adjustments, all of which are shared in the patch notes.

source: Steam
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