Classic EverQuest’s Valentine’s – sorry, Erollisi – Day event is live, with new quest content this year


Valentine’s Day has returned to Classic EverQuest once again as Erollisi Day, and as promised in Daybreak’s roadmap, it includes some new content in the form of a new quest arc in Misty Thicket.

“Celebrating all things love and adoration has begun once again. This time, however, we’ve decided to spread even more love than ever!” the studio says. “Here is what’s new for this year’s celebration: The Fae of Misty Thicket have embraced the season and want to help spread love. Farnjer can be found in the thicket worrying over his best friend, Rolo. It sure looks like Rolo has gotten into the Dust of Broken Hearts. Help Farnjer keep Rolo from breaking his little heart. Players can find three new quests geared towards helping to share the spirit of love in Misty Thicket.”

Erollisi Day runs through February 14th, natch, and the studio says it’s restocked the marketplace with themed love-day items, so have at it.

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