Destiny 2 takes a deep-dive into weapon updates coming in Lightfall’s Season 20


A new expansion for Destiny 2 means there will be a new season, which also means that there will be changes to how weapons do their shooty thing, a subject that was covered in depth in Bungie’s latest dev blog.

In broad strokes, Season 20 is focused on making “a substantial pass” on heavy weapons in PvE as well as applying new subclass verbs for several exotic weapons. The post further boils down weapon balance tweaks by archetype and exotic, and provides a look at perk updates that will link to Lightfall’s upcoming new strand subclass skills.

Some of the highlights from this post include a nerfing for fusion rifles, some slight time-to-kill adjustments for machine guns, new shotgun reticles that more accurately reflect their spread pattern, and a ramp-up in damage, blast radius, and projectile collision for grenade launchers.

The post further explains updates to a number of specific exotics like Sunspot, Leviathan’s Breath, and The Queenbreaker, while perk updates include Osmosis and Elemental Capacitor working with strand, multiple bug fixes for Eager Edge, and a renaming of Blinding Grenades to Disorienting Grenades to better represent the perk’s effect.

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