Path of Exile will let players who go offline remain in their party for a limited time


Every MMORPG player has experienced that dreadful moment when their connection to a game decided to get suddenly and randomly severed, followed by the frantic re-logging to make sure their place in a party is still secure. A new patch to Path of Exile will soon let players of the ARPG experience that horror for the very first time, which probably sounds like a bad thing until you consider that going offline previously meant you were removed from the party outright.

Specifically, players who logout will be able to keep their place in a party for a total of two minutes before being automatically kicked, unless they decide to switch characters, in which case the boot will swing for their digital butt sooner. Additionally, those who still had pending invites when they went offline will still see those invites waiting when they come back online. Other features of this upcoming patch include more foiled unique items, targeting behavior updates, and another long list of bug fixes.

POE recently made more updates in patch 3.20, like fixes and updates for party invite notifications and a clean-up of the context menu that appears when right-clicking a player, but more importantly, a player’s party spot will soon be more secure; the patch is expected to go live by tomorrow on PC.

source: official forums (1, 2)
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