PlanetSide 2 tests cheap gender change tokens, anti-cheat, and more character slots


PlanetSide 2 players better furbish up their PTS patcher as Daybreak has rolled out its February update on the test server.

“A major focus for the team in 2023 is about tightening up the core of the game and revisiting of past projects,” Daybreak’s Michael “Wrel” Henderson says. “Keeping in theme, we’ve been working through January on a multitude of gameplay refinements, user experience improvements, anti-cheat development, and an investigation of server performance issues.”

Among the targets in the patch notes are new profiling zones intended to test server performance, Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR implementation, a rework of reflex sighting, the return of remote vehicle deployment, more character slots (one freebie for subbers, two buyables, for a total of 16), tweaked capture mechanics, the removal of continent benefits, new missions, gender change tokens (currently 1 cert until April), and the prepwork for the Valentine’s Day events, which begin February 8th.

Incidentally, Wrel notes that the last update “quietly introduced” new anti-cheat measures, and the team is continuing to tinker with them. See ya, cheaters!

Source: Patch notes
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