PSA: World Eternal Online is actually just the blockchain MMO Core Loop announced last year

Fairly warned be ye

We have scams at home.

Do you remember last year when developer Core Loop raised $12 million in order to develop a blockchain-integrated MMO? Probably not, there has been a lot going on since then. But the game has finally been revealed as World Eternal Online, and it’s worth paying attention to that name because unlike the vast majority of Web3 crypto games, the game and its PR do not blast you in the face with direct talk about pay-to-earn or crypto integration. You can look at the main page and see absolutely nothing about it whatsoever, aside from a vague sense that something may be subtly… off.

Of course, a bit more digging makes it clear what’s going on here; when you move to the game’s developer blog, you see that the studio describes it with blockchain integration, and one of the most recent posts talks about minting game passes and selling them on OpenSea. In other words, it’s nothing that you haven’t seen before if you’ve looked into the whole Web3/crypto ecosystem and its usual maneuvers, but it’s a bit more insidious and a casual onlooker might not realize what the game is until it has been downloaded and installed.

But don’t be fooled; this is still exactly the crypto game that was threatened last year. It’s just not playing its hand up-front. Fortunately for you, we’ve written about this stuff a lot.

Core Loop’s PR contacted us after publication wishing to add information that was not made available in the original press release. Core Loop’s representative clarifies that the game is playable without a crypto wallet, that game passes are not required, and that only one level of game pass is optionally mintable. He further argues that players “never have to interact with the blockchain aspect,” that “they are not forced into blockchain,” and that the gaming experience for non-blockchain players will be the same as for blockchain players. Of course, a non-blockchain player is still participating in a blockchain MMORPG.
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