WWII Online posts 2023 roadmap, boosted by ongoing graphical and engine upgrades


World War II Online is still alive and barreling toward its 22nd birthday, I’m happy to report, and it’s joining the many MMORPGs that have released 2023 roadmaps this month.

“Our plans are shifting full force to innovation and bringing WWII Online into the modern age,” studio Cornered Rat Software says. “This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for and asking us to capitalize on! This roadmap will demonstrate updated workflows to bring us the latest graphics as we pursue Unreal, while simultaneously providing visual upgrades to WWII Online 1.0. We’re going to show you demonstrable progress including the game world conversion status as well, including the first work-in-progress shots showing part of our game world in the Unreal Engine. We also have tremendous news for squads and how the player base will be able to drive gameplay.”

The roadmap for the year specifically includes radio coordination through the newly integrated voice comms, the return of squad missions, proximity attack objectives, upgraded models, the full world conversion, and improved special FX and sound. The 2.0 graphical upgrade from the engine bump is definitely going to elevate this game from its 2001 roots, as the screenshots demonstrate:

Source: WWII Online
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