Final Fantasy XI brings Valentione’s Day around once again


Like Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XI celebrates Valentione’s Day. Unlike FFXIV, however, FFXI does not ask you to talk with some elf (elezen/elvaan, whatever) who is coming down to spread love while being singularly bad at it. Instead, it requests that you deal with the moogles who organize all of these events and are also singularly bad at doing so. Fortunately, that’s your cue to get involved and get rewards for making the event happen properly, so it kind of works out for the player characters after all.

Help lovelorn people find their special partners and help chocobos find their mates (making this one of the few Valentine’s Day celebrations that ensures love is also in the air for livestock, so mark that in your notebook), earn yourself heart-themed outfits and house decorations. Easy peasy, moogles sleazy. The event kicks off on February 7th, so be sure to be ready ahead of time.

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