Fractured is on track for a March return after hasty backtrack from early access and Gamigo mess


At the tail end of 2022, following Gamigo’s layoff-and-game-yeeting round, Kickstarted Fractured was counted among the victims. Fractured is the Kickstarted sandbox MMO from Dynamight Studios that Gamigo had published for the last year of testing and early access, but Gamigo silently booted the game off its website, which Dynamight bizarrely insisted was unrelated to the simultaneous cancelation of paid early access and return to closed testing. By January, the indie studio had the game running in a test environment once again, saying it wouldn’t “be offline for long after the 31st of January,” which led us to assume February.

Turns out it’ll probably be March, though Fractured boss Jacopo Gallelli didn’t give a hard date in his update discussing the team’s successes behind the scenes.

“We’ve performed more sophisticated stress tests, some lasting for a very long time, with excellent results. For instance, after one week with over 10,000 monsters moving around one continent to simulate player activity without any server restart, the condition of the world was excellent and perfectly playable, with just a bit of increased latency! Truly a great improvement compared to the difficulties we’ve faced when we launched on Early Access in September.”

“We are aware there is other news you are eager to hear,” Gallelli adds in his Discord post. “We thought we’d be ready to share them by now, but unforeseen issues got in the way. It shouldn’t be long though, and when they come, expect a video and a live Q&A as well!”

Once again, we note that this information continues to be posted only to Discord rather than on social media or the game’s website, where no announcements have been made since December.

Source: Discord. With thanks as always to Clowd!
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