Zenith tees up player housing test, picks up former New World creative director and WoW designer


Ramen VR CEO Andy Tsen dropped a letter to the Zenith community late last night with both industry and game news. For starters, the indie studio has apparently picked up two notable devs: Giancarlo Surla and Dave Maldonado, the latter of whom might be more familiar to MMO players as he was New World’s creative director years ago and a top game designer on World of Warcraft, in addition to the now-canceled Amazon Lord of the Rings MMO. They’ll take on Art Director and Design Director roles, respectively, in what is now a 25-person studio.

Readers surely already know about the game’s impending launch on the PSVR2 later this month (and also that it has yet to fulfill its Kickstarter promise for a true PC launch). But Tsen did include more teases for content coming in 2023, claiming that “2023 will be the biggest year yet for Ramen VR.” And yep, this is the update that will include player housing.

“Today I’m excited to announce that Major Update 1.3 will be entering a limited Pre-Alpha test next week from Friday 2/10 – 2/13. We’ll only be able to allow a few users initially as we prove out the technology. Keep an eye on our socials for chances to access. In that build, you will of course get to play with announced features like Cyber Ninja and Player Housing — but there will also be extremely exciting and completely unannounced features. As a reminder — testers will not be able to share any information externally about the build — but we do want to let as many people as we can into the test.”

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