ArcheAge and AA Unchained kick off Valentine’s Day and ice fishing events


Love is rampant in both versions of ArcheAge, whether it’s love for others because of Valentine’s Day or the love of ice fishing. That’s the tenuous connection that I’m going with for the two events arriving to both regular ArcheAge and Unchained and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.

We’ll begin with the Valentine’s Day event, which will run between now and February 16th. Players can complete a daily quest that involves growing a cacao sapling, harvesting the cacao seeds, and crafting milk chocolate to give to either an NPC or other players, which offers unique buffs depending on who gets the choccy. Cacao seeds can also be used as currency to buy various other items, and completing the daily quest for the event awards Manastorm Crystals.

Meanwhile, the ice fishing event transforms Miroir Tundra into a peace zone while the ice fishing festival is underway, where a variety of daily and repeatable quests await players. Completing the event’s chores award festival coins that can be used to purchase a bevy of goodies. The ice fishing fun is available from now to February 23rd.

As for each game’s regular patch, there are some Manastorm Shop updates, changes to the equipment point entry requirement for the Golden Plains Battle, and some skill adjustments among other things.

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