Final Fantasy XI prepares job buffs and chat filters while waiting on story and Sortie updates

It's the final incremental update.

As promised before, Final Fantasy XI will not include new Voracious Resurgence content with its February patch. This was a known quantity. Unfortunately, some of the planned Sortie content is also being delayed due to some bugs and quality issues, so the February update is going to be a little thinner than usual. But considering that pet jobs like Dragoon, Beastmaster, and Puppetmaster will now see their pets gaining physical and magical evasion as their owners’ item level increases, that should balance things out.

February’s update will also include the usual updates to Ambuscade enemies and the long-awaited addition of a chat filtering system, something that was not easy to add (although considering that the developers have mentioned that the game still relies on ancient PlayStation 2 development kits, adding anything is not easy). So there’s still some meat to chew on, even if it’s going to be a bit lighter than other months. It’s a short month anyhow.

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