TwoKinds Online, the MMO based on a webcomic, is going offline to replace its networking platform


Do you remember TwoKinds Online? It was an indie MMORPG built on SpatialOS with an interesting source of inspiration, taking the 19 year-old webcomic and trying to translate it into a new title, with further influences from Star Wars Galaxies and Ultima Online. We first got word of it in 2019 and checked back in in 2020.

That connection with SpatialOS may have been the death knell for this project, as developer Cookie Dragon Games has announced that the MMORPG is going on hiatus while the team tries to replace its networking platform. Readers will recall that SpatialOS projects have died on the vine before while platform owner Improbable went face-first into the silage pit that is Web3.

Cookie Dragon insists that the game isn’t going offline forever, but it also admits that the work to get new tech is going to take some time. “I wish this wasn’t the case but our networking platform shutting down is out of my control,” reads part of the post. “Work to switch to a new networking stack is a year plus of work, and that is just to get back to where we are now.”

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