Star Wars Galaxies Legends suffers weekend crash and downtime caused by a software vulnerability


The rogue server Star Wars Galaxies Legends has had a very rough weekend. This past Friday saw the main Omega server suddenly go dark as a result of a “wide-ranging vulnerability” in the software used to host the game’s core services. Initial reports from the SWGL team stated that no data loss appears to have happened as a result of the issue, while a follow-up posted later that same Friday evening announced that there was minimal data loss but not enough to force a server rollback.

At the time, the devs stated that they would need to delay bringing Omega back online in order to apply the latest security patches, but then another follow-up posted on Saturday confirmed that downtime would have to be extended further as the team decided to purchase and configure new hardware. “Some of our current hardware is nearing end-of-life and we want to make sure we have the latest hardware to support the Omega galaxy,” the post explains.

As of this Sunday morning, the Omega server is still offline and there are no new announcements on the game’s site, forums, or Discord at we type this. However, the players in that Discord appear to be taking the whole thing with a good sense of humor. More details are expected as the situation evolves.

source: official forums, thanks to Bruno for the tip!
The team posted an update at noon EST on Sunday, admitting it still has no ETA for the return of the server – but the database is intact and the new server hardware is on the way.

“Development is pleased to report that our disaster recovery process for the database has been successful,” the group says. “There will be no rollback when Omega goes online. We have verified the integrity of the data in our database, which contains ~75 million rows just for in-game objects alone. The disaster recovery process has now been shifted towards reorganizing our internal server infrastructure while we wait for our server host to finish building the new server we ordered. We were given a 24 hour timeframe for when the new box will be ready. Our plan for the hardware purchase is to de-commission the outdated Omega 01 box and replace it with a newly purchased one running an AMD Epyc chip. To give you an idea on the age of Omega 01, we ordered it back in November 2016 when the project was just starting to take off. The box is running hardware from 2012. With this boost in performance and space on the main server box, we will also be de-commissioning our Omega 05 box, which has the lowest specs out of all of the other server boxes. Omega 05’s only purpose was to host space zones, all of which will be shifted to another box. The new Omega 01 box costs ~$380/month by itself with an initial installation fee of $340. The outdated Omega 01 box costs ~$475/month. De-commissioning Omega 01 box saves us ~$95/month. De-commissioning Omega 05 box saves us an additional ~$95/month. Besides a boost in performance, these hardware changes will also be saving us some money. We appreciate the outpour of love and support from all of you and will continue to keep you posted on any major updates. We are looking forward to Omega opening back up again.”

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