Embers Adrift makes further tweaks to monsters, items, and threat as it counts its first max level player


This past week in Embers Adrift saw the devs at Stormhaven Studios further turn a few balance knobs with its latest patch. The week’s update included another adjustment to threat that applies to aggro scaling, changes to ashen monster scaling, and an adjustment to the dice modifier of crafted weapons in order to make them less powerful than dropped weapons.

The update also added a timer for logging out in certain situations as people were using the instantaneous logout to skirt aggro mechanics, and lastly introduces a new level 45 Ember Drift at Redshore Ridge. As for future updates planned for the sandbox MMORPG, those include the addition of 1v1 dueling, new quests, and the soon-to-arrive opening of a QA server.

This past week also saw Embers gain its first max level character, a Warlord by the name of Nautilus. Congratulations to him; now comes the wait for others to slowly catch up.

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