Monsters & Memories expands early testing to include some ‘real players’


Despite being a long way from launch, Monsters & Memories already has begun to invite fans onto its test server to put this indie MMO through its paces. The team said that this move was crucial to getting the kind of feedback it needed to make a solid game.

“The bug fixes we make now, priorities we identify from real players, and the feedback we gather all make our foundation stronger and should save us time in the long run. Waiting to gather this info later or at the end of the development cycle makes no sense to us. Also, since we’re making a MMORPG, our thought is that the sooner we build and test the tools needed to support a live service, the better.”

In the game’s latest newsletter, studio Niche Worlds Cult said that it had already received “a couple of hundred” bug reports and pieces of feedback from testers. It also indicated that it’s working toward a “larger public playtest” and the completion of a “proof of concept” for the throwback MMO.

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