Temtem has effectively canceled its Valentine’s Day events for 2023


Like many MMOs, Temtem was angling for a Valentine’s Day event ahead of the big day next week; in fact, “Valentamer’s Day” was meant to launch today, and Crema Games was promising “exclusive new content and new quests” to run all month.

But this morning, Crema called the whole thing off.

“Super sad news. Due to a bug, the Valentamers’ Day event has to been postponed, likely until next year,” the studio writes. “We deeply apologize to all of you who were really looking forward to this (I was), and to all Tamers.”

Why can’t the bug be fixed and the event simply be moved off a few days, especially since there’s still a week until actual Valentine’s Day and the event was originally supposed to run the majority of the month anyhow? “The bug in question, which made rewards unobtainable, would require a new client patch, which requires platform certification that can take up to 3 weeks,” the studio explains. “There’s not enough time with 1.3 so close in the horizon, and the next events are already scheduled and completed.”

The team is giving out the new themed emote anyhow, though you’ve got to use a code to get it: VLNT-WITH-WAIT-SRRY. The studio has also handed out 1000 Novas as an apology freebie.

Source: Twitter
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