SWG Legends rogue server is finally back online after four-day outage


Over the weekend, Star Wars Galaxies players on the SWG Legends rogue server were left temporarily homeless as the core server suffered a major hardware mishap and outage that pulled it offline for several days. As of early this morning, the server is finally back up.

“Firstly, Omega is back Online!,” the player devs announced just before 2 a.m. EST today.

“Development reached out to our server host early this morning to check on the status of our new server box. They informed us via messenger that they were ‘out of stock’ of the components required for the new server. They told us they would need to order more and that access to our new server would be delayed to the 13th of February. One of our developers (I won’t name names) made several phone calls to our server host… which turned into indignant conversations. After being transferred several times to different representatives, our server host suddenly ‘found the parts’ that were out of stock earlier and assured us our new server would be ready this Wednesday, February 8th. We have been working around the clock to get Omega back up for you all. Some developers have been helping during free moments at work and during their lunch breaks. We have been performing gymnastics to reconfigure the old hardware in a more sustainable way so our systems can easily be transferred to the new server hardware when it is ready for us. We will migrate our services to the new hardware when we gain access to that box. Thanks everyone for your support and patience!”

There’s no rollback as all data were preserved, and indeed, once the move to the new hardware is complete, it’ll even save the community some coin.

Source: SWGL
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