Destiny 2’s latest trailer shows off Lightfall’s Strand subclass


Space may be a bit chilly, but Destiny 2 is hoping to heat up your hype for this month’s Lightfall expansion. The online RPG shooter is gearing up for the big February 28th launch, which will include a new subclass that Guardians can spec into: the Strand.

In a new trailer, Bungie demonstrated the unique powers coming with Strand, including the Needlestorm missile barrage, dual-wielding Blade Fury swings, and the explosive Silkstrike attack. The ability granted depends on the player’s main class, however.

Plus, Strand players get a groovy tool: “With Strand, each class has access to the new Grapple ability, which will give players the power to swing around Neomuna and take on the Shadow Legion.”

Source: Press release
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