Lord of the Rings Online begins testing Update 35’s new Carn Dûm dungeons and raids


Lord of the Rings Online’s first content update of 2023 is heading into testing today as Standing Stone Games puts The Return to Carn Dûm through its paces. This first round of testing covers two small fellowship dungeons, a regular fellowship dungeon, and the Gwathrenost raid.

With the new instances comes a lot of mechanic adjustments that the studio’s been preparing. These include calculating mastery separate from other damage modifiers, a full review of all of the game’s damage mods, Warden and Captain class changes, and the somewhat dreaded power revamp.

In regards to this last one, SSG hopes to bring back power management for dungeon crawls. This means that players will have a greater power pool but have to contend with higher power costs for skills. Also, “fate no longer increases in-combat power regeneration” but instead affects the total power pool and out-of-combat regen.

On top of Update 35’s preview, LOTRO also is sending Update 34.2.1 to the live servers with an adjustment to the Portent of Deftness from the currently running Ill Omens event.

Source: LOTRO, 2
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