Lost Ark players have dished out nearly 30 trillion damage in PvP in just one year


If there’s one takeaway from the newly released Lost Ark infographic, it’s that you guys are extremely good at eating and dying. If there are two takeaways, it’s that you’re also pretty good at murdering each other!

Amazon dropped the infographic today – which shows 1.67B player deaths, almost 200M PvP kills, and over 3M feasts created – as part of its first anniversary celebration.

“From the moment the gates opened on February 8, 2022 until now, our teams at Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG have been humbled and honored by the millions of players from around the globe who have joined us on this epic adventure. While we’re ecstatic that Lost Ark has had such an exciting year, it wouldn’t be the same without the passion and support from the community. We want to celebrate the dedication and participation of the millions of community members, and have planned what we hope to be a memorable first birthday party for all those who joined us along the journey.”

The event happens to coincide with the Rowen update that adds a whole new continent for endgamers. As we noted yesterday, the birthday celebration sends players to smash adorable rubber duckies at the hot springs, so get in there and commence ducky carnage.

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