Final Fantasy XIV suspends European housing demolition in wake of Turkiye, Syria earthquakes

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No one wants to be worried about stuff in a video game in the wake of a natural disaster, which is why Final Fantasy XIV frequently pauses any automatic housing demolition when regions are hit by just such an event. The game only recently turned housing demolition back on, but now the team has announced that demolition will once more be suspended on the game’s European realms following the earthquake that hit Turkiye and Syria at the beginning of the week.

An exact duration has not been stated for the suspension, but all Chaos and Light worlds will pause any demolition timers, allowing players the freedom to focus on other priorities instead of checking in on their houses in the game. As always, the game’s staff hopes that those affected recover quickly and can return to the game sooner rather than later, but housing will remain un-demolished in Europe until such time as recovery efforts have run their course. Echoing the staff sentiment, our best wishes go out to those affected.

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