V Rising’s long-delayed first major update will finally arrive in May as a free expansion

A year after the game hit early access


So Stunlock Studios has good news and bad news for V Rising fans today. The good news is that it’s talking more about its next big content update, which it’s now calling a “free expansion.” The bad news is that this update, which had already been delayed from its original planned rollout in 2022, isn’t launching until May 2023, meaning that by then the game will have gone an entire year in early access without a major update.

“This update will primarily be about strengthening our foundations with new ways to live out the Vampire fantasy,” Stunlock says. “To us, this means enhancing the way you already play by giving you more of what you already love, but it also means adding more layers of depth and complexity to the world to masterfully tie things together. We’re taking this time to build the game out and prepare it for a satisfying endgame, where we can build up to an apex moment that lets you fully realize your potential.”

The accompanying developer blog deep-dives some of the magic changes pending in the update: the new jewels system for spell powers (not for weapons and magic sources), the spell school revamp, and a sixth spell school. It also touches on legendary weapons and an experimental territory system before seeking feedback on the future of the game.

“As we build away in our crypts at Stunlock Studios, we aim to see well beyond the next milestone. Black magic is in full effect, and we’ve got our attention focused well into the future. There are many roads forward, and it’s important to be ready to take a detour if needed, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to plan your adventure the best you can. To clarify our current strategy, the future expansion of the game is not the full release of V Rising, as there will be more things we wish to improve on and more work to finalize our vision for the complete game, currently set for 2024.”

Source: Official site, press release
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